We offer top quality at an affordable price.

Escher is the best spiral mixer in Europe. Mixers with removable bowls are available in a range of sizes: from 80 kg all the way to 500 kg.

Due to BEO’s pricing, you can get a top-quality ESCHER machine at a same price, and even cheaper than an ordinary machine from our competitors.


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ESCHER is a manufacturer of the best quality. When you choose n Escher mixer, you can be sure that the machine is durable and hygienic. The tools of the machine are also made from stainless steel.

A new, revolutionary novelty mixer!

Eschermixer on kehittänyt uuden kaksoisekoittajalla varustetun teollisen
taikinakoneen. Tutustu valokuviin ja esitteisiin. Kone on lähes äänetön.
Padan lukitusjärjestelmä ja sekoitusosan kestävä hihnaveto on patentoitu.
Tutustu koneen ominaisuuksiin. Kokoja 160 kg - 240 kg - 400 kg
Meillä on mahdollisuus muutoksiin joiden avulla MW koneessa voidaan käyttää
myös samanlaisella kaksoissekoittajalla varustetun toisen merkkisen koneen
patoja, mikäli niitä on reilu määrä.

Eschermixer has developed a new industrial mixer, fitted with a double mixer. Have a closer look at the photos and the brochures.
This machine is almost noiseless.
The bowl’s locking system, and the durable belt drive of the mixing part have been patented.
Have a look at the features of the machine. Sizes: 160 kg – 240 kg – 400 kg
We accommodate changes with the help of which it is possible to use the bowls of another brand’s mixer fitted with a similar double mixer, in case there is a sufficient amount of these.