BEO operates in a modern way, and is a pioneer PROVIDER OF AFFORDABLE PRICES for baking machines and ovens, without compromising on quality. BEO’s business partners include Europe’s best baking machine manufacturers. You can get the machines you need, directly from the manufacturer’s factory to your bakery, at a truly affordable price.

Now also available: flow pack packaging machines, donut fryers, croissant machines, ciabatta machines, laminating lines, shop ovens, and much more as direct sales, at truly cheap prices.

Have a look at maintenance and installation. The best experienced professionals in Finland are at your service near you. Independently!

Your bakery should submit a quote request to BEO. You may be amazed by how affordable the prices are. The affordability of the prices only results from smaller expenses and a patient attitude.

This new kind of acquisition method is worth it: according to calculations, bakers have accumulated up to 200 000 Euros in savings in their investments, when including 25 of the latest acquisitions – i.e. when compared to obtaining the machines from a traditional importer. Not a single cent has gone on VAT.

Welcome to a modern way of buying high-quality machines and ovens, more affordably than ever before.


Beo Ky


Matti Savolainen